Mobile application design

What is the trend for mobile application design now?

Mobile application design for iPhone or Android is not all that limits the scope of mobile. Over the last year, wrist gadgets - smart watches, fitness trackers - have burst into the arena. They have not become easy single-task devices, and combine many features of smartphones. Therefore, we advise you to pay attention to the minimalist design of such gadgets, the essence of which is to catch information with a quick glance and run about your business.

Easy to navigate

We do not complicate navigation in the application with cumbersome menus, and even more so its absence. The navigation unit should not close the main field of the program. We use the “hamburger system”, or save the menu in the left curtain of the application. The design of mobile application interfaces should be as thoughtful and concise as possible so that the user can smoothly and move freely to the goal.

Simple background

The design of iOS applications laid the foundation for the trend of minimalism and simplicity. If web designers include beautiful themes and backgrounds at creating a site, the mobile designers make the background images solid or blurred, which makes navigation and functions programs more clearly. It also reduces download time and makes user interaction more comfortable.

Color palettes

The design of mobile applications involves the judicious use of the color palette. We recommend using more white space and tinted color versions of your brand. A good method of color selection - Mood board (“Board of Moods”). It helps to create the color scheme of the application, which will evoke the emotions and feelings you need.


The design of mobile applications for Android and iOS includes thinking through the gestures with which users work with the service. There are several gestures and features that you can use on your site: touch, double tap, “Pinch”, “hold and drag” ??, as well as “touch and drag”. Analysis of user experience will help to determine with the most commonly used gestures to include them in the app and stay on top.

Intuitive interface

Usability design of the application for iPhone or Android is a common thread through all development points. Regardless of no matter what device someone uses, no one wants to feel that they are not smart enough to navigate it. Your the interface must be intuitive for all devices.

Integration with social networks

The design of the Android application should take into account the fact that a large proportion of customers come from social networks. This is relevant if your application is an online store. Therefore, add social network buttons and the ability to log in to the service via Facebook or Instagram. This will further increase the user experience and usability since registration will not take much time.

Source — webtop

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