Series of professional literature for creative industries

In June 2021, the ArtHuss publishing house and the Projector Institute launched a joint series of professional literature

  • PRJCTRteka.

Since Projector educates creative industry professionals and ArtHuss publishes such books, this collaboration made it possible to understand exactly what young professionals need. This series aims to publish more than 50 professional books in Ukrainian on the topics of graphic design, animation, management, creativity, game development, interface design, etc.

So far, 4 books have been published in the series.

1. Hand drawn animation with Preston Blair

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

“We decided to start with “Drawn Animation” by Preston Blair, because the author of the book is a cult animator of the Disney studio. Because it is worth learning from the best. It is this idea that we support in the publishing house.”

Drawn Animation with Preston Blair brings together two iconic guides, Animation and How to animated films”. Blair willingly shared the secrets of art, experience and his own work on the pages of his books.

The manual consists of six chapters covering the basics of animation, character development, their movements, cartoon construction, principles of animation and acting. Already from the first pages it becomes clear: Preston Blair does not focus on theory(there is relatively little text here), but on concentrated practice. Using numerous examples, the author teaches the art of bringing pictures to life people, animals and objects. This is a comprehensive book that teaches the basics of drawing characters, characters, movements, and principles of animation- everything you need to create your own cartoon.

2. Writing is Design: How Words Create User Experience (UX)

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

The authors of the book, Michael Matts and Andy Welfl, work professionally with the texts. Both in the field of journalism and while doing work a content strategist in Adobe’s product design team. They teach how to work with texts for applications, bots, programs, because without words, applications would be just a set of shapes and icons, and voice interfaces and chatbots would not exist at all.

This book will teach you how to make software human-centered. A book of practical advice on Clarity and Inclusivity texts, following the voice of the company and the product, the right choice of tone. And intended for readers who work with texts, manage the content strategy for software interfaces, designers and art directors, all those who lead the team, managers products, engineers… That is, for everyone who is included in the creative process, because “Writing is design” will help to understand with the team and create a harmonious result.

3. Map of user stories

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

Development of a story map (story mapping) is a technique that allows you to see a holistic picture of user needs and is important a software development tool. The book “User Story Map” will help you focus on users and their needs without losing enthusiasm for individual product features.

The book “Map of user stories” is not only theoretical, but also practical: it contains exercises for quickly learning key concepts, will help to dive deeper into the life cycle of the story, starting with opportunities and ending with results, to understand how they actually work stories and how they come to life in Agile and Lean projects.

4. Entertainment theory for game design

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

This classic work explores the influences that underlie modern video games and the elements that kin them to traditional games, such as checkers. At the center of his research, experienced game designer Raf Koster examines the concept of entertainment in detail and explains why it is the most important element of any game.

If you are a game developer or an avid gamer, will this publication help you understand why this cultural layer is so important? And, of course, you will be able to explain with reason that games are not just trifles, but something really serious.

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