How to get the most out of Pinterest

Sometimes it is not easy to find inspiration for creative projects. In these situations, many people turn to Pinterest. With a continuous flow of content, it helps you find, store and organize ideas from the graphic design to product packaging.

However, Pinterest is more than beautiful moodboards and stylish images. Although the creators do not perceive it as a platform for promoting your work, given the more than 400 million active users of Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool a tool.

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What makes Pinterest unique?

Pinterest is an online platform for finding, storing and sharing images. Unlike other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, it does not emphasize the components of the social network.

User engagement on the platform is very limited. That’s why Pinterest is mostly filled with creative ideas and motivational content, not selfies, toxic comments or fake news. To prove that ideas are more valuable than likes, the creators of Pinterest even removed the “Like” button a few years ago. The company said that it is easier for users to interact with content without her. Pinterest has taken care to remove all the excess and let you enjoy your visual finds in peace.

Plus, Pinterest doesn’t use a feed algorithm, so your Pins stay there forever! They appear again and again if you enter a relevant keyword in the search. This means that Pins are longer lasting than posts in other popular ones social networks

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

How you can use Pinterest

  • Search for inspiration

Pinterest is all about attractive images, making it the perfect place to find ideas. Although the content is here a lot, it can be quickly organized and saved for later. You can also create private boards if not want someone to see your saved foams.

Thousands of talented photographers, designers, illustrators, and other content creators share their work on Pinterest. To begin with, you should subscribe to your favorite authors. You can use keywords to find relevant content. Both specific and abstract queries can produce many interesting results.

  • Distribution of their works

If you want your work to get more exposure, showcase it on Pinterest. At the same time, you can use one a common board for all works or make separate ones for each project. In both cases, users will see and share your foams But do not overdo it with self-promotion, so as not to scare off those who are interested in your work.

The best thing about being able to share your projects on Pinterest is that its algorithms suggest similar images to users based on their preferences. This means that your work will reach a wider audience who may not know about you. All thanks to that Pinterest is constantly showing your content to new users.

  • Networking

Representatives of various creative fields have Pinterest accounts, which makes it easy to stay in touch with the community. Following the work of other talented authors and interacting with them is a great way to get noticed. Thanks to this you you can find new opportunities and collaboration options outside your network.

Look for themed group boards to showcase your work alongside other talented creators. Participation in collaborations is a good way to share your creativity with a wider audience.

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

Some important tips for creators on Pinterest

  • Add descriptions

Pinterest працює як пошукова система для зображень. Тому для кращої позиції серед пошукових результатів варто доповнити описом кожен з ваших пінів. Поясніть їх у 100-150 символах, використовуючи декілька ключових слів, і спробуйте зробити підписи конкретнішими.

  • Choose the right size

Usually, vertical foams work better than horizontal foams. This is due to how they are displayed on the platform. In order for your foams to provide better interaction, it is important to stick to a 2:3 aspect ratio. You can use standard pin size is 1000×1500 pixels, but 600×900, 1200×1800, or 2000×3000 pixels will also work.

  • Set up your account

Don’t forget to add your main information to your About section, upload your profile picture and leave a link to yours website or portfolio. This will make you look professional and give your account more credibility and giving people to contact you if they like your work.

  • Create bubbles

It’s important to post new content regularly so people know you’re active and have something to share. The most popular boards are regularly updated, so users are constantly seeing new images. Pinterest recommends creating a minimum of 3 and maximum 25 pins per day.

Photo courtesy of olivia mew(CC No Derivatives)

Pinterest is a great platform for finding and organizing images, but it also offers many other features that often overlooked. It can help you showcase and promote your work, reach new audiences, and debug contacts with the professional community. Take some time to learn about Pinterest and its features to get the most out of it from this platform.

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